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//  Origin:  Vancouver Area, Canada
//  Genres: Neo Classical/ Instrumental Soundtrack Composer

Originally from the Eastern United States and fortunate to have lived in many beautiful spots on the continent, Bruce is now grounded in the Pacific North West, in the Vancouver Area , Canada.  Playing his first concert before his feet could reach the floor, performing for The Prince of Wales at a  UNESCO world heritage site, professional orchestras and studying at the Banff Centre of Performing Arts were all a part of his musician’s journey.   Bruce received his masters degree in music education from the University of Alberta.  Teaching composition and performance found a naturally easy place in his work.  Recently retired from educating and supporting young artists, the pull to create underscoring for film and TV are now his creative focus.  Bruce is blessed to wake up every morning with a sonic story that just needs to be shared.  

"Bruce's music has the ability to connect me with those feelings that I thought were lost, long ago. He is one of those musicians that not only can compose music, but he is also a great educator."

- Jose Sanchez, Percussionist

Alex Cuba Band

"I have known Bruce for years in the capacity of master teacher to some of the most gifted students I have ever heard. The way he helps them find their deepest musical expression is without parallel. As he moves into the commercial world of sound and film, without a doubt he is going to be successful knowing his passion, work ethic and talent. I can't wait to hear what he creates."​

- Tara MacLean Sony/ATV

Canadian Singer-Songwriter

"Bruce Smith is the real deal! A seasoned composer and educator. His music is touching and moving and suspenseful all at once. If you haven't heard him, check him out!"

- Christian Fabian

Lionel Hampton Big Band

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